Our Services

Golden Plus' primary business is the recycling of materials resulting from the manufacture of semi-conductors or other electronic devices or systems and some end-of-life equipment, which contain precious metals. The type of materials include, reject ICs, printed circuit board , lead frame scrap, circuit boards with devices, etc.. We also provide other recycling services such as house appliance scrap, mixed metal scrap and other hazardous waste.

PCB Manufacturing and processing


Waste PCB, FPC, BGA Substrate, Waste PCBA, Gold plated panel, trimmed tine, trimmed copper, copper clad board, aluminum plate, copper foil



Waste IC, Chip, mixed metal, silver plated copper, silver plated nickel, copper waste, nickel waste, waste silver compound solution, waste solder slag, waste silver slag, waste plastic and resin.


House Appliance​​

Waste Refrigerators, Waste TVs, Waste Laundry Machines, Waste AC/Heaters, Waste Fans.


Computer, Communication & the related industries​​

Waste computer/screen, waste printer, waste mother board, waste diverting yoke, waste wire/cable, waste computer parts, waste CD, gauge/instrument, waste electronic parts, Aged Electrolyte, Waste resistor/capacitor, Waste Gold Compound slag, waste terminal material plated with precious metal.

Mixed Metal Scrap​​

Waste Wires/Cables、Waste Motors, Waste Compressors, Waste Water/Electricity Meter, Waste Engines/Engine Radiators, Waste Transformers/Coils, Waste Lead Frames, etc..

Other Hazardous Waste​​

Waste Plastic, Waste Rubber, Slag, Paper, etc..