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What we BUY and SELL


Waste PCB, FPC,Waste IC, Chip,BGA Substrate, Waste PCBA, Gold plated panel, trimmed tine, trimmed copper, copper clad board, aluminum plate, copper foil,Lead frame,waste solder slag, waste silver slag and resin.


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Mixed Metal Scrap


Waste Wires/Cables、Waste Motors, Waste Compressors, Waste Water/Electricity Meter, Waste Engines/Engine Radiators, Waste Transformers/Coils, Waste Lead Frames, etc..

Copper and Aluminum


Birch/Cliff, Copper Slag and Sludge, Copper Foil and Copper powder from PCB Shredding Process

Zorba, Twitch (Polished)

Other Metal scrap


Titanium: Grade1, Grade2, 6-4, 8-1-1, etc

Nickel alloy: Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, etc

Cobalt scrap

Computer, Communication & House Appliance​​

Waste Refrigerators, TVs, Laundry Machines, AC/Heaters, Fans.

Waste computer/screen, printer, diverting yoke,computer parts, waste CD, gauge/instrument, electronic parts

Other Scrap or Material for Recycling use​​

Waste Plastic, RDF from Plastic, Waste Rubber, Metal Slag, etc..


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