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About us

 About Golden Plus

   Golden Plus E-waste Management Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as a metal scrap recycling plant. It has built own capacity in recycle and resource treatment of hazard waste. In addition, the Company also procured most advance techniques and equipment from Japan. Now, Golden Plus E-waste Management becomes the leading and specialized electronic waste recycle plant and is providing the best solution for industrial waste removal and disposal services for electronics, semiconductor, and PCB industries.


While the modern technology continues to develop, it provides many benefits and convenience to individuals as well as businesses, but it also results huge pollution effects to the entire environment. This is evidenced by the numerous environmental problems reported on the media every day. It is necessary that we all have a serious awareness in protecting our environment.


Since Founded, Golden Plus E-waste Management has always been an EPA authorized grade A waste treatment and disposal management company. It is proved that we provide the most professional and reliable recycling techniques. Golden Plus E-waste Management also has built its own capacity in recycle and resource treatment of hazard waste with the assistance of Energy & Resources Laboratory, Industrial Technical Research Institute.


Golden Plus works with smelting and refining companies that have the same commitment to the environment by returning metal values for our customers. Our goal is to obtain the highest degree of asset conservation with the assurance to our customers that their waste products will not have a negative impact on the environment.

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